How Can Video Help You Find a Job?

When looking for a job, have you ever thought, ‘If I could just get them to meet me in person, I know I could ‘WOW’ them!”? With a Resume VSIG™, a hiring manager has immediate access to viewing and understanding your professional “brand”.

The most important thing to grab a viewers’ attention is content. You need to have engaging and insightful content. When job hunting, you, as the candidate, already have a better positioning. The hiring manager is searching for someone to fill a role, and you have everything they need- You just have to show them that! What better way to show them than through video?

Think of a Resume VSIG™ as a virtual cover letter. In under 45 seconds, a hiring manager can learn about your strengths, your goals and your professional experiences- all while making eye contact with you in a situation YOU control. Include props, photos, anything you think is relevant in communicating to a hiring manager. Video can make sure the best version of you is on display.

A Resume VSIG™ can easily be embedded in your email signature and social media. Include it on your LinkedIn page and we guarantee you’ll have recruiters filling up your inbox with interview requests. 

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