How to Use a Video Signature (VSIG™)

Confused on how to edit your email signature? Maybe you’re looking to create a custom video email signature? Look no further than our VSIG™ team!
At Video Signature, we provide full service email communication video integration!
In four easy steps, you can revamp the way you communicate via email. Schedule a consultation with one of our Video Signature experts to begin customizing your email signature with video!

Step One

Our team will email over a simple five question survey. Based off your answers to the survey, a video signature staff member will develop a basis of conversation to chat with you during your scheduled filming. This process eases your nerves and makes for a more natural and easier “interview”. Our staff is here to help you ease any nerves, answer any questions, and make your customized Video Signature the best version of you!

Step Two

Filming Day! Come to our office or have our professional film crew come to you! Typically, the filming process only takes about 45 minutes. Bring any props, photos or other elements you wish to display in your Video Signature. Remember, this video will be how the world “meets” you! So make sure you show them all the interesting and unique parts of who you are!

Step Three

Our team of expert editors will create a beautiful, polished and unique Video Signature that caters to YOU! All elements of the video from lighting, to “glamour shots”, to music will be skillfully chosen to match your personality. No two VSIG™s are ever alike! Once completed, you will have access to request edits to ensure you have your perfect video introduction.

Step Four

The Video Signature team will provide you with detailed instructions and suggestions on the best places to use your VSIG™. Embed the video into your email signature! Not sure how to embed a video? Do you have questions on how to edit your email signature? Not a problem, our expert video team is there to help you every step of the way through instructional videos, blogs and 24/7 chat support.

How to Embed Video Into your Email Signature

How to embed video into Outlook

  1. Click “File”
  2. Go to “Options”
  3. Select “Mail”
  4. Under “Compose Messages”, click “Signatures”
  5. Click where you would like to embed your supplied thumbnail image and click the “Add Image” icon.
  6. Browse until you find where you saved your thumbnail on your computer and select “Open”
  7. Once the image is embedded into the signature block, right click and select “Picture”
  8. Select the “Size” tab
  9. Change the “Height” to “1” or “1.5” depending on your preference and click “OK”
  10. Make sure the image is selected (dotted border around the image) and click the hyperlink icon.
  11. Paste the supplied link for your VSIG™ into the field marked “Address” and Click “OK”
  12. Click “OK” on the signature editing window
  13. Click “OK” on the general email
  14. Send a test email to yourself and make sure the thumbnail is displayed to your liking and that the link to your VSIG™ is working correctly

How to embed video into Gmail

  1. Click on the settings (gear) icon in the top right of the email window
  2. Click “Settings”
  3. You will automatically see the “general” window. Scroll down to “Signature”
  4. Make sure “No Signature” is NOT selected
  5. Click the “Insert Image” icon
  6. Paste the image URL into the box provided. (To create a link to a JPEG, “Save As” a webpage and copy the webpage link)
  7. Highlight the image and click “Link”
  8. Paste the provided link to your Video Signature and click “OK”

All done! You’re ready to humanize the way you communicate via email!

How to Share Video on Social Media

Social Media is the perfect platform to share your VSIG™. Content is the key to a successful post and what better content than showing off yourself?

To share your video on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, download the video using the provided Wistia link.

  • To do this hover over “Video Actions” and click “Download”. A window will pop up asking which file size you wish to download. For social media, we recommend 360p.
  • Once the video is saved onto your computer, follow the prompts on the social media site to “Insert Video”.

Then create a personalized caption and share your VSIG™! Don’t be afraid to be creative, after all content is key!

How to Track Video Engagement Rate

Each VSIG™ is hosted on a customized platform where you can see the average play rate, engagement and click-throughs.

Say you just sent an email to a prospective client, you can check on the Wistia platform (the link provided) if they viewed your VSIG™. This will arm you with the knowledge that the client now knows you in a more intimate way and increases your chances of a response.

When applying for a job, how often do you check the “job status” section of the job posting and wait for it to change from “applied” to “in review”? With the VSIG™ hosting platform, you can immediately see if a hiring manager has viewed your video. This prevents company ghosting and confirms a level of professional interest.

You’re well on your way to establishing immediate, confident connections without having to leave your home thanks to your new Video Signature! Make sure to use all these tools to embed the video in your website, social media and email signatures. Soon you’ll see the results of a higher engagement rate, increased trust between you and the viewer, and you have a hand in humanizing communication in this technology-driven world.

Chat with us! We look forward helping you create your perfect introduction. Every time.

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