Why would companies use video in their email signature or a VSIG™?

Why VSIG™?

As technology advances, so does the way that we communicate. In a visual world where virtual reality is taking precedence, it only makes sense that communication is advancing towards video.

Video creates a more trustworthy foundation because you can physically see the person speaking to you. The mystery and endless possibilities of who you are talking to via IM, or Email is simplified, and transparency of communication is obvious. A recent article in Forbes Magazine confirms “[Video] presents opportunities for businesses to inspire, evoke emotion in and appeal to needs of their audiences in a real and authentic way.” ₁ Video nurtures a more natural connection between the subject and the viewer. That connection is what drives success in a brand, a company, or an individual.

This is why the use of a Video Signature is so successful- A quick 30-45 second video that exhibits all the best parts of you or your brand. A Video Signature (VSIG™) gives the opportunity for a subject to connect with viewers’ ethos, pathos and logos which ultimately result in increased sales, higher-level brand awareness, a deeper consumer relationship and a greater sense of connection.

1: https://www.forbes.com/sites/williamcraig/2018/04/24/the-growth-of-video-marketing-and-why-your-business-needs-it/?fbclid=IwAR0-4Ep4OwziHkWoveC7MTGMw1TGBaSp6qeaD6UoScZ7idmUHGFJ0-qFVgU#6dda1c597c2d

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