How to Embed Video Into a Gmail Signature

How to embed video into Gmail

Your email signature is more than a sign-off. Personalize it with video to better connect with the person you’re communicating with! Follow these simple steps to learn how to embed video into your Gmail Email Signature!

  1. Click on the settings (gear) icon in the top right of the email window
  2. Click “Settings”
  3. You will automatically see the “general” window. Scroll down to “Signature”
  4. Make sure “No Signature” is NOT selected
  5. Click the “Insert Image” icon 
  6. Paste the image URL into the box provided. (To create a link to a JPEG, “Save As” a webpage and copy the webpage link)
  7. Highlight the image and click “Link” 
  8. Paste the provided link to your Video Signature and click “OK”

All done! You’re ready to humanize the way you communicate via email!

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