How Video Helps Humanize Your Business

Consumers are more trusting of brands/businesses that successfully humanize their interactions. Video marketing helps by putting the people behind the product front and center. More and more businesses are turning to video to connect with their audience and nurture a deeper connection. 

Social media has created an opportunity for a person in say, China, to be able to follow the life of a celebrity in Los Angeles, halfway across the world. As a result, the one-sided intimacy of these relationships has increased. People like knowing “behind-the-scenes” or relatable facts about peoples’ lives-the same idea carries for businesses.

The average American spends 10 hours and 39 minutes consuming media each day.  This is over the course of checking each of their social accounts up to 21 times per day and any other sites they may visit. So, why not put your business front-and-center?

Eye Contact

Businesses are more likely to emotionally resonate with customers when they make a connection via video. Researchers concluded that eye contact is the most critical factor to establish trust. Viewers are far more likely to trust a person, brand, or company that displays transparency through video than one that only communicates via the written word.

Back Story

Viewers love content that they can connect with. Show them how your company came to be-Why do you love your business? What makes your business stand out from similar ones? Why should the viewer choose you? Appealing to the ethos of an audience is a useful tool and can be further enhanced through video. Exhibit old photos from when the company started, tell the audience a story, develop a narrative, and they will be coming back for more.


Video production allows for viewers to get an “insiders look” on the day-to-day functions of your company. People are naturally curious, showing them your office space, or your production line, or your team will build connections! Your audience may already love your finished product, but if you show them the creation process, they begin to appreciate that product on a deeper level. This builds the trust between consumer and business and further nurtures that bond.

In conclusion, video marketing is the best way to humanize your business and help it grow! Connect with your audience on a deeper level by visibly showing them who you are as a company, as a brand, as a product, and as a person.

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