How Video Introductions Can Help You As a Financial Advisor

When shopping for a financial advisor, potential clients look for a face they can trust. So how do you build a level of trust, so you can manage a client’s hard-earned money? Through the transparency of video marketing.

There are three primary factors clients consider when choosing a personal financial advisor

1. Which Type of Service They Want

As a financial advisor, you may offer a variety of services- from, choosing and managing investments, to advice on topics like estate planning, insurance needs, stock market investments, and more. These can be confusing topics, so why not make it easy to understand through visuals! Video is the perfect way to educate potential clients about what services you provide. This will better inform them about the process and make them more comfortable working with an expert like you

 2. Cost

It’s hard for clients to understand why they should pay someone to spend their money for them. It’s even harder when that person is a stranger. Thankfully, video introduces you on a personal level allowing them to build a relationship with you without having to hold a formal meeting.

3. Qualifications and Standards

Clients have a lot of questions: Are you a fiduciary that works in the best interest of your client? Do you work on a commission basis or fee-only? What are your qualifications? What’s your investment philosophy? What asset allocation will you use? ALL of these questions can be answered through a short video! Show off some of your past client reviews, show your qualifications via b-roll of your education degrees, talk about your investment philosophy and how you enforce it. Answering these questions through video branding will save both you and the client time so you can get started as their financial advisor sooner. 

A video introduction is the quickest way to sign on new clients. This sales video will immediately establish a connection which will make the client feel comfortable choosing YOU to manage their money.

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