Ways You Can Use Video To Help Build Trust

I. Tell your brand’s story

Everyone loves to have a behind-the-scenes look. This is why reality shows are so popular! People like to feel like they’re involved with something they view as bigger than themselves.

Give viewers’ an inside-look into your company through video! 

Does your company have a rich history? Is it run by a family? Tell your customers’ a story about how your company came to be through video. Exhibit old photos, maybe home-videos and give them insight on how your company has grown and who helped get it there. 

Were you inspired by an important event in your life to begin your company? Maybe you’re a non-profit organization, or maybe you started a grooming company because your rescue really rescued you. Show your customers, they love to hear the inside scoop! 

Once a viewer feels like they know you, know your company, they’re more inclined to support it. Showing them the behind-the-scenes story of your company establishes a sense of trust. They believe in you and your company because, “you’ve shown them the receipts” and furthers your consumer loyalty!

II. Share a Testimonial/Showcase Industry Expertise

Build trust in your company by showing new clients’ how happy you’ve made your current ones! Share your five-star reviews, zoom in on some of the great comments and feedback you’ve gotten, show customers that you are a name they can trust! 

Be even more effective by having a client or clients come on video and say how much they love your company! Maybe even have them share a story of a great experience they had working with you! Once the viewer sees that your company has established a foundation with another non-stakeholder, they’ll begin to trust that your product or service is as great as you advertise!

Are you a leader in your industry? Show your viewers how you rank in your trade!  Whether it’s exhibiting your CEO as a keynote speaker at an industry function, or showing your certifications/degrees in your field, video visually substantiates your qualifications and furthers the trust between the viewer and your company.

III. Speak Directly to your Customers

Thanks to social media, we have a free, easy way to access a majority of the worlds’ population! People go to social media to look for recommendations, how-to’s, shopping, current events, box office rankings, everything you can think of! Video and social media cut out the middle man. Video allows you to speak DIRECTLY to your customers, so they get the message you want them to hear. No more of the game of telephone. Cater your video to target specific audiences and educate them on how your company can make their lives better, whether its offering a service, a product, or a lifestyle change. Video will help you educate your clients and establish a need for your product or service on a trustworthy foundation. 

Let video marketing help you build consumer loyalty. Introduce your company, your staff, your story and yourself to viewers through video and clearly show them why they should choose YOU, over your competitors.

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