How to Be a Video Focused Business

Having branded videos for your business is becoming more and more important every day.  On average, internet users spend forty minutes each day watching videos online. These can range from a wide variety of topics and styles, so why not have people watching you?  There are plenty of ways for your business to utilize videos to show off everything you have to offer. The focus could be a product, a service, or maybe just a tour around your office, anything that can grab the attention of a new customer.           

At first, you’ll need to experiment with what works for you.  It could be showing off different products or a video tutorial on how to use that product.  Another component is figuring out if these videos should be long and descriptive or short and sweet.  It’s recommended to take live video streaming into consideration, as social media heavily favors these and will notify all of your followers when you begin the broadcast.  You can utilize live video to share tips, show how a product is used, or even hold an online auction.

Do keep in mind there are different videos for different platforms.  Social media videos should be short and eye-catching while ones on your website should go deeper into what you can offer.  However, don’t be afraid to explore your creative side- this will easily set your apart from others and will make your content unique.  Remember, you have less than ten seconds to capture a viewers’ attention and with sixty percent of users clicking away in under two minutes you need to be the best you can to keep it.  With video accounting for roughly eighty percent of all global internet traffic, your business is missing out on extra attention by not advertising through video.


Why every business needs to focus on video content


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