Why You Should Feature Your Employees in Your Videos

Choosing the right person to star in your video is incredibly important. This person will be the face of your company and influencing your audiences’ thoughts and opinions directly.  Instead of hiring an actor that doesn’t know your business, instead, use an employee who has a personal connection to the everyday life inside your company.

An employee is able to describe everything in a simple, genuine way and translate their passion onto the screen.  Having your actual employees appear in your business videos over actors inspires the telling of real stories. This level of authenticity appeals to the viewers ethos and builds a sense of trust and relationship between the employee and the viewer.

Now, not every employee may jump at the chance to be featured publicly so it’s best to find those willing to do so.  It’s best to ask around and see who is willing to appear on video. You want to make sure the employee is comfortable on camera, so their testimonial is genuine and natural.  This way, they won’t seem shy or uncomfortable in the finished product.

Using employees will always be the best choice when it comes to doing a profile on your company.  They understand the language and overall goal of your company’s online presence which creates a more natural flow in the video.  In the end this means less worry and a better, simpler video.

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