Call-To-Action Options for Financial Advisors

A call to action can be an awkward part of filming, and it really shouldn’t be.  Afterall, you just spent the rest of the filming time talking about yourself or your business, so why is that final line to get a new client to reach out to you the hardest to deliver?  I’m no psychologist, so this article isn’t going to be about that. Instead we’re going to look at some ways you can end your video so that way when filming day comes, you’ll be ready.   

Reciting a call to action is a very simple concept, but a lot hangs on it.  It’s how you’re closing out your video and how you’re going to get a client involved in your practice.  You can incorporate your company’s slogan or your own tagline of how you are going to help. Whatever it is, keep it short and sweet, get right to the point and leave your audience with that.  Don’t try to sell something, simply remind them who you are and give a reason to reach out to you. Your call to action could be something as simple as “Learn more by giving me a call”, “Talk to me about a consultation”.

When it comes time to do your call to action, remind your potential client that you are also human and that you are there to help.  Many people are searching for a match that won’t just make them feel like a name on a list of clients. Make it personal and keep it relatable.   

Don’t overthink it, it doesn’t have to be something elegant, the simpler for someone to understand and follow, the better.  

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