How Video Can Help Improve Your Website’s SEO

Video consumption online rises by 100% each year, so it only makes sense that internet search engines favor this type of content and will list it before others.  Watching a video makes whatever you may be searching for easier to understand and therefore more preferred among those searching for your content.  

So how does this help your Search Engine Optimization?  Since people find videos more engaging, they will spend more time on your website increasing its “dwell time”.  Search engine algorithms will translate this increase in time spent on your page as something of interest, resulting in a higher listing rank. Including video on your page can increase organic traffic from search engines by 157% since viewers tend to spend twice as much time on a page with a video than a page without. 

Always make sure to have relevant written content to accompany your video which includes popular keywords.  Remember to be consistent with your postings. You don’t want to make just one video and expect results- making video and other types of ongoing content on a regular basis is important.  The more videos you have, the more time visitors will spend on your website.  Even if visitors are not watching a video until the end, they’ll be more likely to click on other easily available videos relevant to their needs. 

Simply put, videos lead to more time spent on your website, leading to more interaction, and resulting in a higher ranking. 


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