Breaking Down The Key Elements to a Video Introduction

Video introductions can be an awkward thing since you have to talk about yourself all the while being relatable and remembering the countless people who could potentially be watching.  But your introduction really isn’t about you. Make an impression on someone by saying how you can help them, tell a success story or what drives you to be your best each day.  Your viewer is interested in their own needs and what you and your company can do to meet those needs.  

An effective way to have a great introduction video would be to answer common questions you receive from new and prospective clients.  Keep track of questions clients or prospects ask during the sales cycle. Use those questions as a template for what to mention in your introduction video. This will help shorten the sales cycle by up to 40%! Every sales job has its blockades, so think of the most popular ones beforehand and have ways to quickly and efficiently ease prospects’ concerns.  

Keep in mind that the idea of this video is to be short and sweet.  The goal should be a minute or less, that way your viewers won’t drop off early.  Simply introduce yourself by telling the audience who you are and what you do.  Then have two or three points that you would like to cover about how you can help meet and exceed expectations.  After that, all you need is a quick call to action and you’re good to go!     

When it comes to a call to action don’t just toss out your phone number or email address.  That is just about as good as any “Call Now!” at the end of every commercial.  Odds are the viewer is still searching for the right person, so point them to something that can help them on their search.  Maybe you have other videos, or PDFs of guides or explainers.

Your goal here is to educate and inform while also getting to introduce yourself on a personal level.  Videos are part of your marketing that is trying to turn viewers into customers, not to do the selling all on their own.  Focus on treating the viewer as if they were already a customer and maybe they’ll become one.   

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