How to Use Video and Email Together

Technology is constantly evolving, so it’s only natural your email should as well.  You might not realize it but just like all applications, your email platform gets updates too. Recently, it’s become possible to embed a video within an email message. People spend an average of two and a half hours each weekday looking at their inboxes.  Similar to your website, having a video in your email increases the click through rate- in some cases by up to 40%!

Now that video can be implemented into email, you need to think of what you send as a small representation of your website.  Just as you would with social media, look to build an audience with your emails.  Let people know that there is a video attached, you can even have the video start to play as soon as the message is opened.  You can also make sure that the video’s thumbnail has a play button over the rest of the image.  Just because you’re putting more info into an email doesn’t mean that the viewer shouldn’t still visit your website if they’re interested. You can set analytics to track the viewers who click on the video and even send viewers to a customized landing page so generate more leads.

Overall, embedding a video into your email is a fantastic marketing strategy to begin implementing. People are subscribed to your emails because they like what you have to offer, so why not give them another reason to get excited!

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