Three Ways Video Can Boost Your Small Business

It’s never too late to start creating videos for your small business.  You may think with the thousands of videos out there that yours may be lost in the crowd, but that couldn’t be less true.  Social videos can create 1200% more content shares than text or still images.  The videos that you share will be unique to your business.  Show off the parts of your business that you want in the ways you want.  Even if others offer a similar a product or service you can highlight your what makes your company special.    

Stuck on what to do? You can always look to brands you admire for inspiration.  Maybe you have a certain Facebook post that performed better than your others.  Recapping this post and/or adding on to it is a great way to get some of that attention back.  Many people know and use Instagram specifically for photos, but it is also an excellent way to show off short videos.  Perhaps you want to show off your company culture or just released a new item, why not display it in a quick friendly fashion?  The same can be said for support, FAQs and special announcements.  

Thanks to video analytics you can see just who exactly is watching your content.  This means you can take that information and keep it in mind while creating your next posts.  Whether it be trying to attract a certain audience, missing or catering to one, you will know what is working and what is not.  When trying to attract leads it’s important to have two types of videos, ones that will raise awareness of who you are and what you do, and ones that focus on converting those leads into sales.  

Search engines will recognize that your website and social media contain videos, thus leading to a higher SEO for your business.  Search engines will also take note of how long a viewer stays on your site – the longer, the better. Video is the best way to ensure someone is sticking around to watch your content. 

There is no wrong time to start using video for your business and the only thing you can’t expect to see, is growth. 

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