Increase Brand Awareness
With Ongoing Video Content

Video packages offer a variety of options for the small business looking to increase its social media presence through video content.

An easy, affordable way to keep your clients engaged on social media

Choose from three different video packages, and find the one that best suits your promotional needs.


Facebook gives the option to boost posts and target specific audiences. Using relevant hashtags and keeping up with current trends is another great way to keep in touch and stay relevant.


One billion people use Instagram every month, “liking” over 4.2 billion posts per day! Show off your services, your products, or your staff through this visual content driven platform and see your audience engagement consistently rise.


Looking to promote your product or service to a specific market? Target specific areas, companies and occupations directly, through LinkedIn. Share your video content to expand your brand awareness and target these niche markets.


YouTube is the second highest trafficked website in the world allowing businesses to promote products or services through video content. Target this large market with video promotion.

Types of Video Packages




Quarterly Content

4 Production Days

Up to 15 videos/year

One minute of video content is delivered every quarter providing fresh and engaging content your company can use across social media, websites and other promotions.

One minute of content per quarter will be edited to any requested length up to 15 videos per year.




Bimonthly Content

6 Production Days

Up to 25 videos/year

One minute of video content is delivered every 2 months, perfect for a company committed to engaging with their audience through a constant stream of video.

One minute of content every other month will be edited to any requested length up to 25 videos per year.




Monthly Content

12 Production Days

Up to 48 videos/year

One minute of video content every month. The most cost-effective plan to ensure a constant flow of new content for your audience.

One minute of content will be edited per month to any requested length up to 48 videos per year.

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