A short video that provides the initial foundation for a professional relationship.

Why do you need a VSIG™?

Increase Sales

A Video Signature is proven to add at least 2% to a sales person’s close rate.

Invest In Your Staff

Connect with your staff by investing in the way they communicate with their clients. Eye contact builds trust, and a Video Signature will result in a higher level of trust.

Differentiate Your Brand

Create a fully customized video signature that is easily embedded in a company or personal social media page, website, and Outlook or any email signature.

Humanize Email

Rapport is built on honest communication and transparency which a Video Signature delivers automatically.

Stand out with a VSIG™

As technology advances, so does the way that we communicate. Communication is advancing towards video.

Video gives you the opportunity to make eye contact with the viewer, resulting in a more trustworthy foundation.

How Do I Use My VSIG™?

Leverage the power of your VSIG™ by using it in your:

    • Email Signatures:
  • Email Campaigns
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • About Pages
  • Blog posts
  • Sales Material
  • LinkedIn
  • Anywhere!

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